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Flower Names For Boys – To raise the baby boy could be a challenging moment for many parents. Many parents in the world wish that their child could be the best version of themselves in the future. That is why choosing the name for babies become one of important time for the parent. Many names references that you can adopt as the name for your baby, one of them is flower name.

List Flower Names For Boys.

Yes, flower comes with its beautiful look and tempting fragrance makes it become one of popular reference for baby’s name. Here are some of the flower names that suitable for your baby boy :

1. Cedar
The cedar tree is believed to be the place where important gods stay and many people believe that cedar trees could bring you to another different world. Ancient people use cedar and burned it for making purification. Cedar is one of the good name references for boy and many people like to use it not only because it’s a French name but also it’s unisex.

2. Basil
Basil is a charming name that comes from Greek which has the meaning of “regal” and it will perfectly fit for your little prince. Many parents are considering basil as the name for their boys. Surprisingly if you take a look at the plant, this fragrant herb can sprout little flowers.

3. Jared/Jarred
Jared/Jarred comes from Hebrew which means “rose”, and a good option to give your sweet little boy a good name. One of the celebrities with this fresh name is the Supernatural fame Jared Padalecki (and Dean for all you Gilmore Girls fans)

4. Ren
In Japanese Ren means “lotus” meanwhile in Irish ren has meaning as “water lily”. Ren could be a beautiful choice as the name for your baby boy. In ancient Egyptian culture, the sacred lotus flower is known as the symbol of rebirth and believed as the sign of spiritual awakening by Buddist people. Ren is also the name of a celebrity who plays in the film Footloose.

5. Indigo
Baby’s names with color are very popular right now like Blue Ivy. The name of Indigo originally comes from the deep-blue color that appears from indigo’s plant. This name is perfectly fine to use either a boy or a girl.

6. Sorrel
Sorrel means “reddish-brown hair” and this an Old French and German name. If your baby boy has copper-colored hair, name him Sorrel would fit very well to your baby physical look especially the hair color. Also Sorrel is a hibiscus, so you can make some tea or any drinks with it

7. William
Sweet William grows in beautiful clusters and it comes in white, pink, purple and red. It likes the moniker of Prince William that sounds so floral, right?

8. Kunal
Means “lotus” or “someone who sees beauty in everything” makes Kunal is a no surprise as the beautiful lotus flower that stands out in the murkiest of ponds. In the film of The Big Bang Theory, there is also one actor who name Kunal, he is Kunal Nayyar

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