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FLOWER NAME FOR GIRLS – Choosing the name for our child could be so confusing sometime. The meaning behind one’s name also considered an important point in choosing the name. You can pick the name from the name of beautiful things, or important things that may be affecting your life.

List Of Flower Name For Girls.

The flower is the one that people mostly use it to put in their name, especially for a girl’s name. Here is some flower name that suitable for the girls :

1. Rose.
Rose has tons of variations in the world and has so many different colors with their beauty. Rosetta, Rosalie or Rosemary could be the option and be called rose for short. Like Johny Depp and Vanessa Paradis that named their daughter Lily-Rose Depp is the example of a beautiful combination of two names of beautiful flowers.

2. Lily
In England and Wales, Lily is the most popular name being used currently. The flower symbolizes innocence and purity, which describe how a baby comes into this world. Lily comes with other variants that you can choose, for example, Lilliana or Lillian, both has the same nickname, Lily.

3. Leilani
Leilani could be a sweet name for your lovely baby girl. Leilani is a “heavenly flower from Hawaii, so just be sure to take her to Hawaii someday.

4. Marguerite
If you are thinking to name your daughter Marguerite, that could be a good choice. Because in French Marguerite it means “daisy” and it’s a very cheerful flower. None would argue that Marguerite is such a beautiful name.

5. Fleur or Fflur
Fleur could be directly translated as “Flower”. Originally from French, but it could also be Welsh spelled as “Fflur” which means Flora. The name of Fluer was used as the name of Bambi the cute skunk in the Harry Potter movie.

6. Azalea
Azalea originally comes from an English word which means “a flower”, but this flower is not that kind of average bloom. It has a vibrant pink color, so it would be a perfect name to be given to your brave little daughter. Azaleas bloom in the spring season, so this also can be used as a nickname for babies who were born in May.

7. Alyssa
Name that derived from the sweet alyssum flower which means “rational” and it is a moniker that was used by Greek. It was Alyssa Milano who has made this name become well-known, thanks to her career as an actress and also she is one of the women who started the #MeToo movement. This name describes a woman who is an equally fierce feminist.

8. Jasmine/Yasmin
Do you know one of Disney Princess in Aladdin movie? Yes her name is Yasmin. Her name comes from the small white flower which is known as a fragrant and delicate flower.

10. Erica
Erica comes from Latin word which means “heather”, especially winter and spring heather.
Those are some of the flower names that might be suitable to use as the name of your baby girl. Each flower brings its characteristic that hopefully the flower beautiful character will also be blessed to your daughter.

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