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10 FLOWER CAT NAME INSPIRATION – Raise a cat could be a very fun activity that you can do at your house. Cat is one kind of pet with a very cute look that makes everyone can’t hold themselves not to pet the cat every time they see it. Cat is an affectionate pet that could give you love if you treat them correctly. If you have decided to raise a cat, you have to decide what name to give to your cat. Here are some of the references of cat floral-inspired name for your cat.

List 10 Flower Cat Name Inspiration.


Daffodil could be the great flower name for your cat. Because daffodil is a bright and beautiful flower, it makes your cat beautiful as well. For short, daffodil can also be changed as Daffy.


Dahlias are an eye-catching flower with layered petals and variegated colors. Its image makes your cat equally striking with this name Freesia
. Daisy or Lily is very usual floral-inspired names for your pet. If you are looking for a unique alternative name, Freesia is also a perfect fit for your cat. Freesia is known for its sweet smell


In Greek, Irish means ‘rainbow’, it comes from its colored bloom with a wide variety of blooms in this flower family. It would be a perfect name for your cat with a unique personality.


Ginger has vibrant red flower features that are eye-catching, though commonly thought one of spices type. This name could be a perfect pick for a cat with a spunky side and add little spice to your cat.


Though this flower tends to grow wherever they want, this flower is known for its aromatic fragrance and its beautiful cream-colored blooms. Gardenia or Denia for short could the best pick for your precious wanderer cat.


The poppy flower comes with bright red flowers with dark centers that make it strikingly beautiful. This name could a great choice for your cat no matter their size is small or large, this name could make them look cuter. Because this name is sweet and short makes it very easy to remember including your cat.


If you demand the unique yet cute name for your cat, then Zinnia would be the perfect match. This flower name would perfectly fit for your cat’s one-of-a-kind personality because this name is very catchy and unusual.


Garden sage has blue blossoms in the spring and also an earthy plant makes it a suitable flower name for your male cat. Because this botanical name is easy to remember and easy makes many pet owners choose it as the name of their cat.

Sweet Pea

If your cat a small body, sweet pea would be a very cute flower name for your cat. Sweet Pea color flowers are bright and make it a perfect name for your petite lovely cat. People can already tell that your cat is very cute just by listening to their name.

Those are the floral-inspired names for your cat, which names that perfectly match with your cat personality?

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